Creating an Edible Landscape with Dani Baker

Edible Landscaping

Join us in person on May 18, 2023 at 7pm at the Charlotte Library, or connect via zoom

If you want to create an edible hedge, an edible bed, a foundation planting or a forest garden, you will discover there are a variety of native food plants to choose from to fill your space. When placed in habitats that meet their needs, native plants tend to be well adapted to our climate and have few pest, disease or maintenance problems. This illustrated talk will describe the growth habit, preferred habitat, care required, food value, other uses, aesthetic appeal and propagation techniques for over 25 native perennial plants you can include in your edible landscape. The plants range from trees to bushes, groundcovers, roots and even vines.

Dani Baker will join us remotely for this timely presentation. Her work promotes acting as good stewards of the land and water resources entrusted to us on her farm in upstate New York and through presentations like this!

Register here for Zoom:

Register here for in-person attendance:

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