The New Heirloom Garden

What is an Heirloom Garden? Charlotte Seed Library and Charlotte Grange invite you to join Seed Library Coordinator Karen Tuininga and award-winning Vermont author and kitchen garden designer Ellen Ecker Ogden, for a two-part presentation/discussion about gardening with heirloom varieties and saving their seeds.  Based on Ellen’s 2021 book, The New Heirloom Garden (featuring designs, recipes and heirloom plantsContinue reading “The New Heirloom Garden”

Join the Seed Library Network of Gardeners!

Getting your seeds organized for this year’s vegetable garden?  Some, like tomatoes, you’ll want to start now inside in your sunniest window or under grow lights; and some things like peas can go into the ground now, as soon as you can work the soil.  Many, like beans and squash, get planted directly into theContinue reading “Join the Seed Library Network of Gardeners!”

Seed Underground Book Discussion

Have you heard? We’re meeting up (via Zoom) this month for a group book discussion! The Seed Underground, by Janisse Ray Join Linda Hamilton, Charlotte Seed Library Co-Coordinator, for a 2-part discussion about this essential book.  Acclaimed author Janisse Ray draws us into the issues and the urgency of protecting food sovereignty through seeds.  SheContinue reading “Seed Underground Book Discussion”

VT Harvest of the Month November

Sweet Potatoes November’s Harvest of the Month is the delicious and nutritious sweet potato! Native to Central America, the sweet potato is not related to potatoes but instead is in the same family as morning glory. ​Sweet potatoes are very popular in the southern United States, and have been grown in that region since theContinue reading “VT Harvest of the Month November”

Wildcraft Walk: Harvesting Food From the Natural World

Monday, October 12, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on a trail in Charlotte Come and check out some of the most undervalued and least understood native and non native wild food and medicine that thrive in your local bio region and beyond. We’ll start with a walk and talk for about an hourContinue reading “Wildcraft Walk: Harvesting Food From the Natural World”

New Library Rain Garden Needs Your Help

Where there used to be paved driveway along the east side of the Library is the site of the new Library Rain Garden!  This large garden and its associated rain barrels will manage rain water coming off the Library roof and use it to nurture this area of moisture-loving plants, rather than speeding away toContinue reading “New Library Rain Garden Needs Your Help”

Resilient Agriculture

We speak often, at our events, about how we can be resilient gardeners and stand ready for whatever comes our way. From relatively small challenges (oh, here come the potato bugs again) to the big ones, it pays to think ahead and be prepared. This week, we’d like to tell you about an upcoming informativeContinue reading “Resilient Agriculture”