General Gardening Resources

We’ve collected some of our favorite gardening resources here in this section. Check back often, as we’re constantly adding new links and articles! Don’t forget to scroll down and visit the UVM Cooperative Extension website, where you’ll find plenty of up-to-date resources as well.

Seed Saving 101

UVM Cooperative Extension Resources

There’s a wealth of information available to us through the University of Vermont Cooperative Extension. Follow the resources link below to learn more about home gardening and composting. Consider joining the UVMCE team and becoming a volunteer Master Gardener or Master Composter yourself – it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and to give back to your community!

Other Resources

  • NOFA-VT Resources for Gardeners, Eaters, and Movement Allies – articles, guides, and webinars from the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.
  • Charlie Nardozzi is a local gardening hero, and his website brings us great information and how-to’s that are well suited to our own local climate.
  • Another great website worth exploring is A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach. There you’ll find articles, podcasts, and her terrific monthly chore lists to keep you busy!
  • Learn how to do a simple germination test to check the viability of your saved seeds.
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