We are here to support people in growing at least some of their own foods, in eco-friendly ways that promote healthy soils and preserve biodiversity, using at least some heritage seeds; and helping them learn how to save seeds for themselves and to share with others.

We do this by making small amounts of seeds available, for free, to local gardeners; and by providing educational opportunities and support through programs, workshops, and educational resources.

How Our Seed Library Works

Both experienced and new gardeners are welcome to “sign out” the Seed Library’s small packets of organic heirloom vegetable seeds (at no charge) to grow at home, harvest and enjoy. Participants are encouraged to use eco-friendly gardening techniques, and to learn to save some of this year’s harvest of seed to restock the Seed Library for next year. We will support you with technical information and hands-on learning opportunities throughout the year. Check our calendar for updates.

Growing food from seed can be a deeply satisfying experience, –including seeing the miracle of seeds turning into plants, taking responsibility for husbanding the plants to maturity, harvesting what they produce, and then eating the healthy and delicious results of this labor.

We expect to resume seed distribution from the Seed Library in 2021. There will be a new Seed Library Catalog of heirloom vegetables, herbs and edible or pollinator-friendly flowers to choose from. After you complete the Seed Library Card with your contact information and what seeds you are signing out, you will find the seed packets alphabetized in the drawers of the Seed Library cabinet.

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