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Garden Chat

Friday, September 9, 202211:30am -12:30pm Join Seed Library Coordinators Karen Tuininga and Linda Hamilton to talk about late season gardens! We’ll meet up on Zoom this Friday, September 9, to catch up after the busy summer season. Do you have success stories to share from your vegetable garden? Looking for tips on how to avoidContinue reading “Garden Chat”

August Harvest of the Month: Berries

Blueberries, raspberries and strawberriesall grow in the wild and are cultivated inVermont.The blue pigment in blueberries comesfrom a group of antioxidants calledanthocyanins. The waxy coating on thesurface of blueberries is called the“bloom”.Raspberry bushes have thorns—be wary!Native Americans called strawberries“heartseed berries” and ground them intocornmeal bread. Inspired by this recipe,colonists created a similar version,referred to todayContinue reading “August Harvest of the Month: Berries”

May: Harvest of the Month

​Mixed Greens: There are a wide variety of salad greens available in Vermont, spanning across several plant families, each bearing a unique history and taste. The versatility of greens, in flavor, shape and application, is enormous! They can accompany any type of dish and, many varieties can be eaten raw or cooked. No matter what the season, freshContinue reading “May: Harvest of the Month”

2022 NOFA-VT Winter Conference:  Dream Into Being

February 17th – March 5th Each year, we look forward to attending the NOFA-VT Winter Conference, and this year is no exception.  The folks at Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont bring together a marvelous collection of workshops, speakers, and events on such a variety of topics that there really is something for everyone.  From theContinue reading “2022 NOFA-VT Winter Conference:  Dream Into Being”


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