2022 NOFA-VT Winter Conference:  Dream Into Being

February 17th – March 5th

Each year, we look forward to attending the NOFA-VT Winter Conference, and this year is no exception.  The folks at Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont bring together a marvelous collection of workshops, speakers, and events on such a variety of topics that there really is something for everyone.  From the kitchen to the garden to the farm to the community – with more than 40 workshops, we bet there are some that will interest you!  This year’s conference will be fully online, and it’s a wonderful way to connect with others as we dream of spring.  Included with the registration are several keynote speakers, a featured film (“Food For the Rest of Us”), and the ability to watch the recorded workshops after the conference.  

This year’s conference will be held from February 17th through March 5th.  Find the full details on their website at https://nofavt.org/conference.

Maybe we’ll see you there!

Happy Gardening,
Linda and Karen

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