From our friends at HANDS:

Gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi will be presenting our FINAL (sadly) “HANDS in the Dirt” workshop of the season tomorrow, September 15, at 10:00am via Zoom. He’ll make a brief presentation titled “Putting Food By” and then make time to answer questions. Here’s the link so please join us: 
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 5200 9899
Passcode: 810814

The workshop will be taped and, once post-production occurs, can be seen on CCTV Town Meeting TV as well as being available on both our website at and theirs. Our website also has past workshops that Charlie has done for us.
In case you’re interested, we are doing great online “HANDS in the Kitchen” workshops with Chef Robin Burnett. Those workshops can also be found on our website listed above.
Please feel free to spread the word, especially to anyone 50 years or older—that’s who HANDS serves and we get our funding for this particular age group.
Here’s more specific info on our “HANDS in the Dirt” workshop:

September 15th: Putting Food By- It’s time to preserve and save the summer bounty from the garden. I’ll talk about storing squashes, potatoes and onions for winter, freezing veggies, canning tomatoes, and other ways to preserve the bounty.

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