Join the Seed Library Network of Gardeners!

Getting your seeds organized for this year’s vegetable garden?  Some, like tomatoes, you’ll want to start now inside in your sunniest window or under grow lights; and some things like peas can go into the ground now, as soon as you can work the soil.  Many, like beans and squash, get planted directly into the garden but not until the danger of frost has passed. 

Don’t forget that the Charlotte Seed Library makes available packets of a few seeds from selected heirloom vegetable, edible flowers and herbs, along with guidance for saving seeds from this year’s plants for next year…… for yourself and to share with others.  It’s a great way to keep these tried and true varieties alive and enjoyed.  We hope you’ll try a new variety or two from our selection this year; you may find a new favorite!  Our 2021 Seed Catalog is on our blog and paper copies of catalog are also available in the Charlotte Library foyer (open during regular book pick-up hours).  Check it out, and become not only a seed planter, but also learn to be a seed saver!  To request specific seeds from our catalog, contact us at

First time gardening and starting small?  Ask about our free Food Garden Starter Kits, containing a few seeds each of a mix of popular vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.  To join our network of gardeners, follow our blog or contact us directly with questions or comments at

Happy Spring Equinox!

Linda Hamilton and Karen Tuininga, Seed Library Coordinators

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