Resilient Agriculture

We speak often, at our events, about how we can be resilient gardeners and stand ready for whatever comes our way. From relatively small challenges (oh, here come the potato bugs again) to the big ones, it pays to think ahead and be prepared.

This week, we’d like to tell you about an upcoming informative webinar that is part of a weeklong series presented online this year.

Climate Preparedness Week

From the crew at CREW (Communities Responding to Extreme Weather), a week’s worth of terrific online presentations focusing on the theme of resilience.

Social Resilience is Climate Resilience 

In light of the recent critical conversations around racial justice in society, [CREW] will be focusing several of our central events around the intersections of climate resilience, racial justice and social resilience and encourage Climate Prep Week hosts to consider doing the same. 

One highlight for gardeners and farming folk is Resilient Agriculture: Climate Impacts on Our Foods Systems and How We Can Respond: Lessons from the frontlines in Zimbabwe

  • A panel discussion led by Enet Mukurazita and hosted by Rachel Sperling, Librarian for Environmental Studies at Yale University’s Marx Science and Social Science Library, with women farmers in Zimbabwe on their experiences dealing with climate impacts
  • September 24th at 1pm – Register in advance for this webinar:

You can check out the rest of the offerings here:
Other topics include:
9/23 Palaces for the People: A Community Discussion with Eric Klinenberg
9/25 Neighborhood by Neighborhood: Mapping Our Resilience
9/26 The Economics of Climate Change with Madhavi Venkatesan, PhD
9/29 How Repair Events Can Transform Our Throwaway Culture
9/30 The Linked Fight for Racial Justice and Climate Justice

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